About the Library

The Science college Central library was established in 1996 with a single room and now flourish with a separate floor with central A.C. Reading room along with all modern library amenities along with the text books and reference books. The Library is enlighten with a good collection of reference books and Periodicals. The Central Libray is renamed to Kamal Kumar Brahma Central Library an eminent scholar among the Bodo people. The library is fully automated and installed RFID technology. The library is now using SOUL 2.0 software for library automation.

The library has separate computer laboratory to access the e-documents and e-journals through internet. The library is also providing the current awareness service to the users.

Service Provided

  1. Circulation
  2. Reading room
  3. Photocopying
  4. Internet
  5. Current Awareness service
  6. Career Counselling
  7. Web OPAC
  8. E-journals and e-books over internet
  9. Old question papers over internet

Library Rules

  1. All the students and staff of the college are members of the library.
  2. Students using the library shall leave at the entrance their personal belongings.
  3. Silence must be maintained in and around the library.
  4. No person shall write or damage or mark on any book belonging to the library.
  5. Readers shall be responsible for any damage caused to the books or other property belonging to the library, and shall be required to replace such books or other property damaged or to pay the value thereof. If one book of a set is damaged, the whole set shall be replaced.
  6. Before leaving, the readers shall return to the assistant at the counter all the books they had taken for consultation.
  7. Member in the reading room shall vacate their seats 10 minutes before the closing time.
  8. Suggestions for the purchase of books and improvement in the service may be made to the librarian in writing.
  9. All books on loan shall be returned on the due date stamped on the date-slip.
  10. Absence from the college will not be admitted as an excuse for delay in the return of the books.
  11. Readers should see that they take their tickets when they return the books.
  12. Students must return their tickets when leaving the college and should obtain "NO DUES CRTIFICATE".
  13. Final year students should return the library tickets on the dates notified by the librarian, at the end of academic year.